Have you ever wondered where different modes should be operated, what frequencies to avoid as a courtesy (like SSTV), etc? This site will be the database for the following: 1) known net frequencies, 2) known segments for different modes, 3) known beacons



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By Type: 10-10 Net International 2nd FM Simplex 3905 Century Club 3RN TFC NET 6M AM calling 6M DX Net 72 Rag Chew AGCW QTC ALE AM AM Net AM WINDOW Amateur Bullitins Amateur Radio Telegraph Society Amsat net Antique Wireless Association APRS APRS Robust Packet OFDM ARRL Skipnet Automatic BC Public Service Net Beacon Beacons BPSK31 Breakfast Club Net Buckeye Net Calling Calling/QSOs Canada National SSB Carrier Net Chinese CHIP64 Clearing House Net Collins Net County Hunting Net CW cw-rtty-psk, etc Daily SSB net DELAWARE TRAFFIC NET Digi Modes digimodes Digital Digital Modes Digital SSTV Digital Voice Communications DigiVoice DominoEX DSSTV/DVOICE dutch ham net DX Window East Coast ARS Eastern Area Net Ecars Elecraft Net EMCOMM Empire Slow Speed Net EPAEPTN/EPA NTS ESSB  Experimental FAX Feld Hell FISTS FlexRadio Users Net Flying Hams FM Simplex fone FSK31 FSK441A GERATOL Geratol Net Green daily net 02:00z GreenGroup Hellschreiber HF Packet HFPACK HFpack USB calling primary HHH Net HI FIVERS NET Hit and Bounce Net Hit and Bounce Slow Net HongKong Hurricane Watch Intercontinental Traffic Net (Intercon) International Assistance and Traffic Net IOTA JT65 JT65A JT6M K6YR Kansas Weather Net Local and Provincial SSB nets  Maritime Mobile Net Maryland Emergency Phone Net Maryland Slow Net MDD TFC NET MEPT_JT MEPT_JT/WSPR MFSK16 MFSK16 (Region 2) Midwest ARS MSN MD TFC & TNG MT63 N. American Traffic & Awards Net NATA Net National nets NCDXF Beacons Net Operation Network 105 New Jersey Slow Net New York Phone Net New York Public Operations Net New York State County Net New York State CW Net Early Cycle 4 New York State CW Net Late Cycle 4 New York State CW Net Morning Cycle 1 New York State Phone Traffic and Emergency Net NoonTime Net NTS Ohio Rag Chew Net Old Codgers Net Olivia OMIK Net OMISS OMISS 40 meter net Ontario Phone Net (NTS) ONTARS Net Packet Pactor3 PAX PAX2 psk31 PSK31/Digital PSK63 pskmail pskmail/aprs servers QFN FL TFC NET QMN  QPSK31 QRP QRSS, DFCW, WOLF, Jason QSY Society Net Radio Scout Frequency Ragchew RAGCHEW - EU Ragchewing & DX Razorback Net Remote control Repeater inputs Repeater outputs Repeaters RNARS Calling-Frequency Robust Packet TELPAC BBS DB0UAL ROS Rotten Apples RTTY Saskatchewan 80M ARES Net Saskatchewan Public Service Net Saskatchewan Weather Net Satellite downlink SATERN Second Region Net SELCALL SK Public Service South Coast Amateur Radio Service SouthBEARS SRAL SSB SSB 60m SSB/CW SSTV SSTV Repeater Sun Rise Net Ten Ten Net Ten-Ten Net International nets Tennessee SSB Net Throb Traffic Traffic Net W1AW W1AW Digital W6ADO WARFA Waterway CW Net Waterway Net WI Traffic Nets Winmor Testing wrong button club WSPR YL System 


FrequenciesSegment/Net nameModeCommentsWebsite
14000-14025DX WindowCWCW 
14050Elecraft NetCWSunday 2300z (Sunday 4pm PDT) 14050 kHz 
140533905 Century ClubCW
14056.5County Hunting NetCW
14059HFPACKCWHF Portable CW Calling Frequency - Pedestrian Mobile - Backpack Portable - Bike Mobile - HFpack
14060Radio Scout FrequencyCW
14063HellschreiberDigitalNew standard for Hell modes on 20M
14068Feld HellDigital
140703905 Century ClubDigital
14070-14072.5BPSK31Digital14070.0 USB - PSK31 [International] (Center of Activity 1kHz audio) 
14071.5-14073.5PSK63Digital14071.5 USB PSK63 [International] (Center of Activity 1000Hz audio) 
14073County Hunting NetDigital
14073-14077CHIP64DigitalMixed with other DATA modes in Region 2 
14075-14082Feld HellDigital
14075.5-14078OliviaDigitalOlivia 500. Olivia 500/16 - USB Audio Center Frequency 750Hz - Signals spaced every 0.5kHz in this range
14076JT65SSBCalling frequency for JT65 (weak signal) 
14076JT65ADigital+/- 1 khz on USB 
14076-14078JT65Digital14076.0 kHz USB VFO Dial Frequency. JT65 JT65A JT65B Calling (signal frequency 14077.27+)
14076.1-14076.7OliviaDigitalOLIVIA_500/16_ACTIVE_FREQ 14076.4kHz_Center_Freq. (Dial_Freq=14.075.65kHz_Audio_center=750Hz Olivia500/16_Lowest_Olivia_tone=516Hz)
14077.1-14077.6OliviaDigitalOLIVIA_500/16 - 14077.4kHz_Center_Freq. (Dial_Freq=14.076.65kHz_Audio_center=750Hz Olivia500/16_Lowest_Olivia_tone=516Hz)
14078-14082MFSK16DigitalMFSK8 and 16 normal area of operation USB 
14078.1-14078.7OliviaDigitalOLIVIA_500/16 - 14078.4kHz_Center_Freq. (USB_Dial_Freq=14.077.65_Audio_center=750Hz Olivia500/16_Lowest_Olivia_tone=516Hz)
14079-14089RTTYDigital14080+ RTTY - FSK 45.45baud 170Hz Shift - Normal Center of Activity [International]  
14080-14084DominoEXDigitalnominal mode DominoEX 11 
140843905 Century ClubDigital
14089-14099AutomaticDigitalAutomated Digital Stations - 500Hz Bandwidth - IARU Regions 1,
14096.3ARRL SkipnetDigitalNet098, Zero beat 14.098 LSB
14097-14097.2MEPT_JT/WSPRDigitalWeak Signal Propagation Reporter - dial 14.0956 USB
14098.1-14098.5APRSDigitalAPRS - 300baud FSK packet network for geo-position reporting. Mobiles, portables, marine. (LSB_Dial_frequency=14100kHz_LSB;Mark=1800Hz) (LSB_Dial Frequency=14100.51;Center=2210Hz)
14100NCDXF BeaconsCW
14100.5-14112AutomaticDigitalAutomated Digital Stations - ALL Regions IARU - 2700HzBW
14100.6-14102.8Pactor3DigitalWinlink2000 Network
14101.1-14103.2ALEDigital14100.5kHz_USB_Dial_Freq_ALE - 8FSK - Selective Calling - Text Messaging - Propagation - Amateur Automatic Link Establishment - International
14101.6-14103.8Pactor3Digital14102.7 Winlink2000 Network
14101.8-14104Pactor3Digital14102.9 Winlink2000 Network
14102-14101APRS Robust Packet OFDMDigitalworld wide APRS channel in new ROBUST PR mode, GATEWAYS
14102.1-14104.3Pactor3Digital14103.2 Winlink2000 Network
14103Robust Packet TELPAC BBS DB0UALDigitalRobust Packet (RPR) 300/600bps OFDM 500Hz BW
14103.1-14105.3Pactor3Digital14104.2 Winlink 2000 Network
14103.2-14103.4HF PacketDigitalOld style packet net in North America. FSK tone frequencies = 14103.21kHz +14103.41kHz. VFO dial frequency =14105.0kHz LSB 
14103.3Network 105Digital
14103.8-14106Pactor3Digital14104.9 Winlink 2000 Network
14104-14109OliviaDigitalOLIVIA 1000/32. Audio Center Freq 1000Hz- 14104.5/14105.5/14106.5/14107.5/14108.5
14105.6-14107.8Pactor3Digital14106.7 Winlink2000 Network
14105.8-14108Pactor3Digital14106.9 Winlink2000 Network
14107.8-14110Pactor3Digital14108.9 Winlink2000 Network
14108.1-14110.3Pactor3Digital14109.2 Winlink2000 Network
14108.8-14111.1Pactor3Digital14109.9 / 14110.0 Winlink2000 Network
14109-14112ALEDigital14109.0kHz USB Global ALE High Frequency Network (HFN) provides HF internet messaging connectivity, HF to SMS cellphone mobile texting, HF-to-HF text relay, selective calling, and interoperability 24/7/365
14109-14112ALEDigital14109.0kHz USB Global ALE High Frequency Network - Emergency/Disaster Relief frequency (Automatic Link Establishment )
14109.5-14112ALEDigitalALE. USB - 8FSK - ARQ. File Transfer and Text Keyboarding via Automatic Link Establishment with ARQ
14109.5-14112ALEOther14109.5 USB Automatic Link Establishment High Frequency Network 24/7 Pilot Channel Frequency - IARU Region 1, IARU Region 2, IARU Region 3; Data/Text/Messaging.
14109.9-14112.1Pactor3Digital14111.0 Winlink2000 Network
14110.8-14113.1Pactor3Digital14111.9 / 14112.0 Winlink2000 Network
14111.8-14114.1Pactor3Digital14112.9 / 14113.0 Winlink 2000 Network
14112PAXDigitalUSB Dial Frequency=14112.0 (Audio Center Frequency=1000Hz) 
14112.3-14115.3ALEOther14112.0 kHz USB - ALE - 8FSK, 6PSK, 8PSK,Texting/Keyboarding QSO - DBM ARQ - FAE ARQ - RFSM2400
14112.5-14115.5ROSDigitalVFO Dial Frequency = 14112.5 kHz USB - ROS digital mode - weak signal 
14112.8-14115.1Pactor3Digital14113.9 / 14114.0 Winlink2000 Network
14114.9-14117.1Pactor3Digital14116.0 Winlink2000 Network
14116.8-14119Pactor3Digital14117.9 Winlink2000 Network
14117.3ARRL SkipnetDigitalNet119. Zero beat 14.119 LSB
14119.5-14121.7Pactor3Digital14120.6 Winlink2000 Network
14140National netsSSBnational nets and Canada 20M calling frequency 
14185-14225SSBSSBUSB - DXing 
14233SSTVDigitalDigital (DRM) 
14236-14239DigiVoiceDigital14236.0 USB Digital Voice Calling Frequency (DV) [International] 
14245SSTV RepeaterOtherVK4ET Repeater 
14252.5-14262.5SSBSSBUSB - Special Events Stations 
14262Buckeye NetSSBMon-Sat 11:30-Noon Eastern Time 
14263Collins NetSSBSundays at 2100 zulu 
14265HongKongSSBHong Kong calling frequency, informal net. Cantonese (and other chinese languages) commonly spoken on this frequency in Asia. (USB voice)
14265-14347SSBSSBUSB - Various Nets 
14270ChineseSSBChina calling frequency. China EMCOMM. Chinese languages commonly spoken on this frequency in Asia. 
14280AMAMPer Electric Radio publication 
14282Amsat netSSBThere is still an Amsat net on 14.282 Sundays beginning around 1800z. Keith W5IU and Larry W7LB run it, with a cast of extras joining in from the fringes. First hour is informal discussions, followed by the reading of the Amsat bulletins. 
14290Radio Scout FrequencySSB
14295OMIK NetSSBHealth and Welfare traffic and club member info exchanges. The net meets every Sunday from 11.00 AM EST/EDST until 12:30 PM eastern time.
14300Maritime Mobile NetSSBNet in progress 15 hours per day
14300Intercontinental Traffic Net (Intercon)SSB
14303International Assistance and Traffic NetSSB6:30AM Eastern Winter, 7:00AM Eastern Summer 
14325Hurricane WatchSSB
14329FlexRadio Users NetCWSundays @ 1800 UTC on 14.329 MHz QRM. The net is also simulcast on the Internet using CQ100 from @
14332YL SystemSSB
14336County Hunting NetSSB
14342.5ALEOtherALE voice. Amateur Radio ALE is USB standard Automatic Link Establishment 2.2kHz Bandwidth
14342.5HFPACKSSB- USB - HF Portable Calling Frequency - HFPACK NET - 1130z - 1630z - 2230z - Mobile- Portable - Base - Marine - Aero welcome
14342.5Flying HamsSSBFlying Hams Net - 2130z - Tuesday/Thursday
14342.5SELCALLOtherUSB - Amateur SELCALL - UPPER SIDEBAND Dial Frequency - Selective Calling CCIR 493 - 1700Hz 100baud, for use with SSB Voice
14346ALEOtherALE voice. Amateur Radio ALE is USB standard Automatic Link Establishment 2.2kHz Bandwidth
14346HFPACKSSB-USB- HF Portable Calling Frequency - alternate - HFPACK NET

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